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Shopify ExpertsAs SEO experts (since 2004) we know the challenges of e-commerce and search engines. We’ve helped sites rank for some competitive terms. However, the goal is to not only rank organically but to convert the visitors into buyers.

Shopify does have some limitations when it comes to SEO, but there is enough flexibility with apps and modifications, to make it work well for most e-commerce sites.

What can we do as your Shopify consultant?

We understand what search engines need and what shoppers want. If you love the Shopify platform but find it hard to understand how to set it up, automate processes and how to get the most out of the Shopify platform we can help.

Case Study:

We built this site below from a purchased theme and proceeded to optimize it and set up features that would not only give the site a good look and user experience but set it up in a way that made search engines happy. 


  • Optimized product descriptions for uniqueness and search
  • Created collection pages for optimal SEO and user experience
  • Added automated cart recovery email system
  • Added Trust signal to improve trust with shoppers
  • Added Facebook retargeting
  • Help client to create a process for pushing products to ebay, Google and other shopping engines
  • Create a loyalty program that keeps customers coming back

… and much more.

The site is now thriving with steady orders daily and from multiple channels. The amazing thing about Shopify is that there are a ton of apps. However, installing and using them can be challenging. We take care of everything.

What We Do As A Certified Shopify Expert

  • We help optimize your site for search engines.
  • Help get your store products into shopping engines.
  • Improve the function of the site by adding plugins that best suit your business.
  • Help automated your business where possible.
  • Overall set up and more.

We do not create templates, though we can help set them up. We are Shopify store builders and SEO experts. We can take your existing site and improve it or help you build a new one. 

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