Reputation Management For Lawyers and Attorneys

Reputation Management for Lawyers

Posted on 29th May, 2016 by Joe Balestrino | Comments 0

How To Manage Your Online Reputation

Persoanl Branding for LawyersA reputation is hard to build but easy to lose. In today’s “internet age” one search result can ruin a lawyers hard earned trust with the public.

Now, I’m not here to judge (pun intented) but you never know when something negative will be written about you. Hopefully, that will never happen and you shouldn’t build up your social presence for that reason only.

Your name is your brand, whether you work for a firm or yourself. You may switch firms but your reputation is yours and you should protect it. Owning as much real estate as you can on the first page of Google allows you to control what’s being said about you.

I recently did some work for a lawyer who made a few bad personal choices. The result landed his name in some legal news publications that showed up on the first page of Google. This attorney was great at his job and his personal choices were about to ruin his ability to be hired.

The law firm he worked for was concerned as well. They wanted to ensure that when this lawyer’s name was Googled the negative stories were as far away from the first page as possible.

Personal Branding for Attorneys

I’m going to give you the exact formula I used in order to get some less than flattering posts off the first page. Below are a list of social media sites that you should join. Setting these up will help you build your personal brand.

Personal website – Having a personal website is a must. If you can, purchase a domain name that is your name. This site should contain content that you create. It can be work related, personal or both. Create an “about me” page and write a bio about yourself. This will increase the chances of your site showing up twice for your name in search results.

Important Tips!

  • You should link all of the below profiles to your personal website. You should also have all of your social profiles linked to your personal website. We do this so Google can associate the profiles to you and your name, improving its visibility.
  • Create every account using your name and do your best to make sure that some, if not all of your name is in the web address(url).
  • Add photos to these profiles. This will help show your photos in search results for your name. Taking up additional real estate.

Reputation for AttorneysTwitter – Create a profile with your name, write a unique bio and be sure you share content on it. It doesn’t have to be content you’ve created, but in order to rank it needs to have Tweets in it.

I recommend using a free service such as IFTT and schedule a RSS feed to post to your Twitter. Use a credible source such as a legal news publication.

Facebook – Nothing special to do here. You probably already have a Facebook page. If you don’t create one. The only thing required here is to keep your profile private so no one can see what’s being posted. – There is not much to do here just create a unique bio, add a photo and link to your site a social media channels.

Youtube – Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google. Create a profile and name it after yourself. You should then add a video or two and be sure your name is in the title of the videos. 

Slideshare – Have some Power Point Presentations lying around? They don’t have to be large. 3 or 4 slides will do. Upload at least one presentation with your name in the title of the slide.  

Google Plus  – If you have a gmail account (who doesn’t?) you already have one of these. You just need to fill out the information required in the profile.

Lawyer Specific Directories – There are a ton of directories for lawyers. Some of the top ones are SuperLawyers and Avoo. Sign up for these and others and complete the profiles.

LinkedIn – Your bio and profile should be filled out completely. Do your best to score 100% complete to maximize the SEO benefit here.

Your law firm’s website – You should have a profile page with another unique bio. Try and link to all of your professional profiles such as; LinkedIn, Avoo and SuperLawyers.

Following this strategy will help you craft your personal brand and messaging. Don’t wait until something negative shows up in Google to take action – it will take much longer to gain control of your brand. If you are up against some strong authoritative web sites, you should contact us about our SEO for law firms service.  

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