Reasons Your Adwords Account Can Be Suspended And How To Get Back 

Has Your Adwords Account Been Suspended?

Posted on 11th September, 2016 by Joe Balestrino | Comments 0

adwords suspensionIf you violate any Google’s terms of service, advertising policies, or engage in suspicious activity with payment or billing issues, your Adwords account gets suspended. A suspended or banned account cannot be allowed to run any kind of campaigns. In some cases these suspensions or bans may be lifted. Contact Us Today – We Can Help!

If your account has been suspended from Google Adwords, it is not end of the world. It has happened to many people before, and they’ve managed to get back on their feet. Read on to find out Adwords account suspension issues and solutions.

Your Adwords account can be suspended due to the following reasons:

  • Your website does not follow Google Adwords Policies. These can be gambling contents, copyrighted contents, under-construction contents, pornography, misleading contents or any other thing that Google doesn’t allow. 
  • Your website contain malicious sites, ads or even apps
  • If you use an advertising strategy that is based on traffic generation but you aren’t committed in providing the best user experience. 

Deceptive Content

If your ads are misleading and you advertise wrong about your service or business or website. For instance, you claim in your advert that you offer Free Web Hosting but you charge $100 secretly for it. This one is so tricky that even legit Adwords users get suspension. Just by describing your services or products as the best can earn you a suspension. While you may truly feel that the products or services you offer are better than everyone else’s, you may be suspended if Google believes it’s deceptive.

Ensure you word your ads cautiously and do not aim to trick or misrepresent your products. Deceptive contents also include the use of other people’s content without their permission or making claims that are unrealistic.

  • If you do cloaking (where a different site is shown to Google editorial team and the user see’s a totally different website).
  • Creating several accounts that promote the same website

People would do almost anything to get their businesses on the first page. Some can create multiple Adwords accounts so as to monopolize ad search for their keywords. All Adwords accounts use completely different copies but lead back to the website. If you use more than one Google Adwords account for the same business, your may get suspended. 

  • If you use the same billing details for several Adwords accounts 
  • If your website is closely related to an account that has already been suspended
  • If you are having trademark issues 
  • If you sell illegal product or services 
  • If you violate Google terms and policies repeatedly. This is one main issue that many people face.
  •  If the Destination URL and the Display URL in Ads is different
  • Unauthorized Access 
  • If you share your account with other people 
  • If your website lacks terms of service and a private policy. Although isn’t always necessary, however it’s always recommended to have it. 

Other than the reasons mentioned above, at times, your account can be mistakenly suspended by Google Adwords team. However these are the major reasons why your account can get a suspension. But in reality, the cases do vary. 


The first step to take in case of account suspension is to find the reason(s) why Adwords have suspended you. This is the first step to getting your account back. As soon as you discover the reason(s), go on to find different solutions to get your account reinstated. Here is how to go about it:

1. Fix the suspended site 

The moment Google suspends your account, Adwords will write a plan on how to fix the suspended account and how to resubmit for review.

2. Fix disapproved sites 

If you ads get disapproved, be sure to read Adwords policies on how to fix disapproved ads so as to get it corrected. 

3. Request policy questions from Google

If you still have doubts and are confused and want answers from Adwords to your queries on policies or ads, ask Google. 

4 Any other reason

Check out above reasons to find out why Google suspended your Adwords account. As soon as you get a clearer idea as to why your account has been suspended, move on to the next step. You can always hire a company who will help you lift the adwords penalty.

As a rule, avoid submitting your ads for review unless you are completely sure that all the violations are fixed. If you’re still having troubles in finding exactly the reasons, experts advise that you hire professionals to help you out. 

As soon as you find out what went wrong with your website, be sure to note down everything, what went wrong and the steps you have taken to fix it. For example, if your account violated ads policies, write the steps you have taken to correct it. If you were using your website from a remote area (unauthorized access), be sure to state clearly the reason for this. Also give a clear strategy on what you won’t do it again. 

Contacting Google Adwords team should be your next plan of action. There are several ways to do this. You can call them directly or file an appeal regarding your Adwords account suspension. Since I’m part of Google Partner Company, personally, I prefer to call them directly because we’ve got a personal rep. If you get confused on how to forge forward or have hesitations or reservations, always make sure you request your Adwords account manager to assist you.

The strategy here is to make sure you are professional and give an impression that you’re very serious as far as your business and its association to Google Adwords is concerned. This enables Google team to understand your situation.

Another important thing is to inform Google on the kind of policies you violated and how you have corrected them. Please make sure you are as descriptive as possible. You want the Google Adwords team to know that you’re willing to maintain a healthy cordial relationship with them.

Be sure to ask them for any changes needed to be done and how to avoid the suspension notices. Even if you know them all, it’s still important to ask. 


Patience is the most important virtue here. You need to practice patience so as to be taken care of properly. Note that the whole process and review can take anywhere from two days to two weeks, and you will need to call several times so as to get your issue resolved(depending on your situation). 

Due to the inconsistent policy enforcement by Google, account suspensions are unfortunately largely inevitable. However, if you land in Google jail, do not give up. Just remain positive, make sure you open all doors that Google allows you to open, and ensure you explore some of the alternative revenue sources. If you follow the above discussed solutions, your story will have a happy ending.


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