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More Local Business Link Build Tips:Podcast

Posted on 13th April, 2016 by Joe Balestrino | Comments 0

Local link podcastDidn't get enough in the last podcast? Well here are some more juicy tips on getting more links to your local business. 

We mention in today's podcast that Google is going after fake reviews on Google My Business listings. They recently hit listings that Google thinks are paid or have fake reviews. This will happen twice a year. If you need help getting reviews from past clients contact us we can help.

Today's tips include:

Search for city and state for bloggers you can reach out to.

  • Example; you are a restaurant owner. Ask local foodie's to come and review your food.
  • Offer discounts to readers of local blogs.
  • Follow local news people on social media and see where there is an opportunity to showcase your business.
  • Offer to bring food to a local TV or radio studio.
  • Donate your time, service or money to a local charity.
  • Search top restaurants or your "service" using city +state in Google and see if you are on the list. If not, contact the site owner and see if you can be added or be considered for the next list.  

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