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Smart Litigator Adwords Case Study

Smart Litigator launched an Adwords campaign in February 2013 focusing on driving sign-ups to their free trial of their legal researching tool. When we took over the campaign over in July we did an audit and found some areas of improvement that needed to happen in order to turn the account around.

The initial landing page was missing:

  • Clear call to action
  • Benefits of using the product
  • What was included in the product

The new landing page was clean and provider users with all the information needed to sign-up for a free trial.

Smart Litigator

The new landing page had a good amount of relevant content and features that it also improved quality score and conversion rates.

We also revamped the Adwords campaign which had the following issues:

  • Low quality score
  • Extremely broad terms
  • No negative terms
  • No day parting
  • No site link extensions
  • No segmentation from desktop and mobile
  • Poorly written ads

Once we made the changes and started correct the above issues, improvement to the campaign was almost immediate.

Sign-ups shot up from 8 to 39 a 387% increase! Every month we fine-tuned the keywords adding more negative terms while continuing to test new ads.

We were also able to cut the CPA from $901.16 down to $45.52. Lowering CPA while increasing leads makes this a very successful PPC audit.

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