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PPC Case Study Verdict Search

Verdict Search was running internal campaigns to drive free trials to their Verdict Search product. The total cost per conversion was as high as $515.00 per lead while the number of qualified leads were low (4).

The account suffered from many typical issues.

  • Too many broad terms
  • Poorly written ads
  • No negative terms
  • Sending users to the home page instead of the product detail page
  • The account didn’t covert between the hours of 7 pm and 5 am. However the account ran 24/7

We took over the project in June. Immediately after taking over the campaign we were able to drop CPA by 61% while driving leads up by 300% within the first month we took the account over.

Within 5 months of taking the account over the results were:

  • Increased leads by 1100%.
  • CPA went from $515.20 a lead down to $27.96

The campaign was a huge success and VS continues to see high leads and low CPA.

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