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NY Furniture Repair PPC Case Study

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Metz furniture repair came to us because they were unhappy with their current PPC company White Shark Media. They felt that they were being neglected and no one cared about their small business. The account was currently being managed on AdWords express which is not a platform you want to use if you want to track conversions. There is little in the way of features which can make managing the account difficult.

We suggested a new AdWords account and on-site call tracking since 90% of people who went to the site previously called. We have no previous data that could help us as the previous company didn't implement any. The client was on wix and we told the client we couldn't effectively manage their PPC on that platform, We couldn't track for completions or add call tracking. 

The client was eager for better performance and quickly had a new WordPress site in place. Below is the result of the campaign starting from the first month which was in July. 

PPC Results Chart


As we started managing the account we were able to drive their cost per lead down to just under $4! It increased in October slightly as we started adding new keywords to expanded the campaign. 

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