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E-commerce SEO Case Study

SprotsDepot was hit with a manual penalty from Google due to the purchasing of links and having thousands of irrelevant sites linking to the homepage. Google dropped SportsDepot's first page rankings to page ten. The penalty damaged SportsDepot reputation with Google.

Google Penalty Removal Service

Our Process

The first step for us was to identify all the "bad" links and have them removed. We first reached out to all the sites that were pointing irrelevant links to the site to ask for the links to be removed. Those that weren't removed through outreach was disavowed. Once Google disavowed the links rankings improved. The site started to rank for it's brand "SportsDepot" again. However, the sites' previous rankings for many of it's terms were still on page four.

We then had to slowly build up trust again with Google. This took careful planning to ensure things moved at a natural pace. We wrote blog content, press releases, info graphics, worked on local map listings and citations. We created a detailed strategy that over the last 10 months has proved to be effective and successful. 

Below are just some of the top results we've achieved. There are over 400 first page rankings to date and growing.

Current Rankings:

  • Football eyesheilds – #1
  • Cheap football apparel – #3
  • Linemen shoulder pads – #3
  • Football eye shields – #3
  • Cheap football pads – #4
  • Adult football gear – #5
  • Adult football equipment – #5
  • Football accessories – #5
  • Adult football gear – #5
  • Football gear – #6
  • Allstar baseball equipment – #6
  • Football spats – #6
  • Cheap football equipment – #6
  • Football equipment – #7
  • Adult football equipment – #8
  • Football visor – #10

If you have had a penalty placed against your site contact us about our Google penalty removal service.

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