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Metz furniture repair came to us because they were unhappy with their current PPC company White Shark Media. They felt that they were being neglected and no one cared about their small business. The account was currently being managed on AdWords express which is not a platform you want to use if you want to …

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SprotsDepot was hit with a manual penalty from Google due to the purchasing of links and having thousands of irrelevant sites linking to the homepage. Google dropped SportsDepot's first page rankings to page ten. The penalty damaged SportsDepot reputation with Google.

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Veterans Movers were faced with some fierce competition in a very crowded market in NYC.  The biggest Issue they faced was not knowing what it cost them to acquire a customer. They were bidding on many generic and broad terms within their existing campaign. The account lacked negative keywords and their ads had no calls …

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ALM Experts keyword positioning grew by 336% for keywords in the 1 – 3 position.

There were several issues plaguing the site.

  • Duplicate content
  • All links to the home page
  • Incorrect title tags
  • Duplicate websites
  • Meta data missing / or not optimized
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PPC Case Study Verdict Search

Verdict Search was running internal campaigns to drive free trials to their Verdict Search product. The total cost per conversion was as high as $515.00 per lead while the number of qualified leads were low (4).

The account suffered from many typical issues.

  • Too many broad terms
  • Poorly written ads
  • No negative terms
  • Sending users to the home page instead of the product detail page
  • The account didn’t covert between the hours of 7Pm and 5 am. However the account ran 24/7
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Smart Litigator Adwords Case Study

Smart Litigator launched an Adwords campaign in February 2013 focusing on driving sign-ups to their free trial of their legal researching tool. When we took over the campaign over in July we did an audit and found some areas of improvement that needed to happen in order to turn the account around.

The initial landing page was missing:

  • Clear call to action
  • Benefits of using the product
  • What was included in the product

The new landing page was clean and provider users with all the information needed to sign-up for a free trial.

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