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5 Tips To Improve Your Shopify Store

Posted on 21st January, 2017 by Joe Balestrino | Comments 0

Shopify is an great platform to sell e-commerce products on. While it's intuitive interface makes it easy to upload products – there is more to running a successful shop then just adding products. There are a ton of apps and services you can use to enhance your productivity and increase your revenue.Knowing which ones to use can make or break your business.

I'll break down some apps and tips that you can use to build and grow your e-commerce business through Shopify. These are my personal 5 tips I feel most store owners will benefit from.


Organize and Optimize Your Collections


ShopifyIt's a good idea to have all of your products in collections, but you need to think about users and what they want and how they shop. Let's use jewelry as an example. If you sell different types of earrings you don't want to lump all of them in to one collection.

The better the grouping the better chance you have to bring in a sale. Let's say for example – you sell stud, dangling and diamond earrings. It's best to place on of each type into it's own collection.

You can even take it one step further by breaking each material they are made out of. You can create "14 kart gold stud earrings" collection for example. 

Why is this so important?

This allows you to advertise more precisely on earring specific terms and the many different style and metal types your earrings come in.

If you were managing a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) account, you have a better chance of landing a sale if you advertise on "cubic zirconia stud earrings" versus "earrings" or even "stud earrings". If some one is searching for just "earrings" – they are unsure of what type of earring they want.

The cost will be high to convert them into buyers. However, if they are searching for a "cubic zirconia stud earring" they know specifically what they want. Send those shoppers to a specific page that caters to their search. You chances for a sale are much higher this way.

This set up is also great for SEO because it's a bit easier to optimize a page for a longer search term with the same type of style and material then just a broad term. They also will land on a highly relevant page.


Use Google Shopping


ShoppingShopify has made it easy for you to add products to Google shopping. There are also other apps than can help you create your product data feed. However, what many shop owners don't understand is that they may have products that spend money and never make a sale.

Someone needs to go into the Adwords interface and turn off or lower the bids on products that convert to high or not at all. Failure to effectively  manage your data feed feed could over time cost you to waste a lot of money. 


Automate Where Possible


You have a lot to do as a Shopify store owner. Trying to automate as much as you can will save you time and money. We like to install Klaviyo on client's sites to automate abandon cart emails, send reminders to leave a review and other useful email marketing campaigns. The more you can do to automate the more time you have on working on other aspects of your business. 

Add Urgency


UrgencyPeople today have small attention spans. They may come to your shop and leave in haste as they are easily distracted. In some cases people aren't sure if they want to purchase an item at your shop because they may want to shop for a better price.

One way to get them to order now is to add a countdown timer on products or at the checkout. The timer will let shoppers know that they items they are looking to buy may increase in price if they don't complete their order soon. 


As a shop owner you should be testing and measuring as much as you can in order to improve your overall performance, Check out a recent Shopify case study of a shop we built from scratch and the results. If you have any tips or questions feel free to leave a comment. You can also hire us as your Shopify experts

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